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Pelham Soccer Club is a proud supporter of ForceField Headbands.

Do you know that one out of every 10 young athletes will suffer a concussion this year???

The Pelham Soccer Club has teamed up with Forcefield Headbands to help promote sport safety in regards to concussions.  Two of our soccer teams, the U-12 Pumas and the U-11 Lady Red Bulls have purchased these headbands( with the Pelham Soccer Logo on them) and they  will be wearing them the rest of the soccer season.  They work and wear like a regular sweatband but it has impact absorbing material, similar to that inside of a football helmet, to reduce the likelihood of a brain injury due to collisions and headers.  If you have any interest in purchasing this for your soccer player, please contact Tracy Garrett at  They are $13.00 each. 

As always, our goal is to promote a safe and fun environment while supporting  individual player development and competitive play!

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